Lumeris Blazes Trails in Healthcare Management

April 14, 2016
In more than ten years of working with players everywhere in the healthcare system, Lumeris, Inc. has helped numerous companies change the way they do business, and that is leading to a healthcare industry that is more efficient and relevant to the 21st Century. By assisting numerous organizations in a transformation away from the costly and inefficient healthcare model of the past, they are helping organizations transform themselves and move them away from the costly model they have become accustomed to and into more efficient and cost-effective organizations that can provide better outcomes at less cost.

Through their partnerships with organizations at every level of the healthcare system, Lumeris has been able to develop and implement unique technology to each organization that is designed to enable better management of healthcare delivery. What that entails is providing them with a greater ability to conduct quality evaluation and optimization, in addition to more effective network management. The software systems they develop with their clients’ specific needs in mind have a demonstrated ability to help those who deliver care and those who pay the bills to make sure their medical records management and coding is far more accurate and efficient. This means better disease management for the patient and more control over costs for the delivery system and the payer.